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Our Members Dominate Real Estate Markets in ANY Cycle.

For over 20 years, the NRBA has recruited, vetted, and trained the most talented and experienced members from the real estate community. Our members typically manage in excess of 100+ transactions each year over ten times the national average for the real estate industry. This high volume combined with decades of experience make our members the strongest and most skilled specialists in our field.

We are a naturally diverse organization, having done so by simply identifying and recruiting only the absolute best, and then educating and assisting them to the top of their field.

With our stringent membership standards and vetting process, we start with only the industry's strongest. Then we combine this with several multi-day live education conferences each year, along with our weekly training webinars, which guarantee that our members have hundreds of hours of additional education when compared to others in our field. This means that our members are always the best informed, with the most current market and legal knowledge that they will use to protect you and your assets.


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We are the NRBA

About our organization

For over 20 years, the NRBA has been one of the most selective groups in the real estate industry, typically accepting only 2% of all applicants. This means we only start with the absolute best real estate professionals in existence. We are all about quality, experience, dedication, and skill. We are a national multifaceted organization comprised of a cohesive group of experienced connected brokers, appraisers and attorneys who specialize in all phases of default management and servicing of distressed real estate. We work directly with banks, financial institutions, servicers, outsourcers, lenders, investors, developers, as well as private individuals in need of our specialized assistance.
If you have a something you wish to convey that would help to improve our broker network, we wish to hear from you. You may contact me 702-480-1815 or . I am looking forward to speaking with you!

Michael Krein
NRBA President

Michael Krein, President, NRBA

On time, On Task, Moving Assets

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We are approched at every industry conference, in the field, online by people who want to know more about us, how we are so tremendously successful. They also see what a great time our members have whenever they get together. How about you? Want to know more?