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I love the NRBA because of the information it has already given me access to. The organization provides up to date, relevant information that I can use to grow my business. I have been in the industry for a number of years and with all of the industry changes sometimes I didn't know if I would outlast the storm, but here I am still here. NRBA is one of the organizations I can truly say has help to encourage me stay in the game, and fight to win! Go NRBA!!!!!!

Labrescia Dawson
Dawson's Realty & Mortgages, Inc.




Paula McCormick 
Personal Touch Realty



I am at my busiest ever. All because of NRBA.

Sandra Brown
Century 21 MVP


Retired Sr NCO from the ARMY after 20 Years of service, worked hard as a retail agent for 18 years hit and miss. Then I found the NRBA web site filled out the application and was accepted into the NRBA in 2007, opened my own office in 2009 and my business took off. There is no way I could have done this without the help the NRBA. Thank you.

J.C. Massey
LaRay Properties



NRBA was THE best investment I have made in many years.

Michael DelGreco
New Englad Realty



I say all the time, NRBA is hands down the best business decision I ever made. I love being a part and am proud to be a part of the NRBA family. Thank you to Mike, Jack, all the Directors and Staff for all you do. This organization would not be what it is without all of you and all of the amazing members supporting each other. I cannot say enough good things about NRBA, nothing beats NRBA.

Barbara Huntley
Prudential Jack White Vista Real Estate



Christopher Lawrence
Trillionaire Assets



I worked, previously, in Germany for many years in the police department as a detective and also for years as a hostage negotiator. This knowledge helped me tremendously in negotiations starting with cash for keys through final contract negotiations. My CFK success rate is almost 100%. I'm helping my clients to reduce their holding costs. I was able to make most of my client contacts through the annual & semi-annual NRBA meetings.

Ray Goldmann
Realty Professionals



Dear Mike,

We wanted to personally thank you and your members for the hospitality at your annual conference in Denver last week. We had an absolutely great time and your conference was on of the most innovative we have ever attended.

We consider it a great privilege to do business with your organization and are very thankful for the invite and the exposure it provides our new firm.

We would like to reiterate our strong desire to partner with the NRBA and its members. We enjoy working with the best of the best and will continue to make it a priority to utilize your members whenever possible.

We were very impressed with the generosity your members showed toward such a great cause as the "Make a Wish Foundation".

The level of professionalism we receive from your members during assignments has been unmatched and we look forward to strengthening that relationship even further as we grow.

Thank you again for a great, memorable experience last week. We'll look forward to seeing you all again.

Warm regards,

Damien Chiodo & Ty Reed
KeyLink Asset Management



How has the NRBA helped my business succeed?: As an REO Broker, I have found my membership in the NRBA to be the most valuable resource in this very competitive industry. The networking opportunities along with the tools, systems, resources, education, and information shared in the membership has been crucial to my sucesss and has helped land my company in The Wall Street Journal's Top 400 Real Estate Professionals list for the past 2 years. Thanks NRBA! 

Chris Price-Indiana 
Keller Williams Realty - The Indy Property Source



Utilizing the NRBA website to locate Brokers/Agents is user friendly and convenient. A lot of the time Asset Mangers, Sales Managers, and Team Leads have good relationships with Brokers/Agents in certain parts of the county where their clients have business. However, when you are looking to assign assets in areas you may not established relationships, you can feel comfortable assigning agents off the NRBA website and have the confidence they are well trained and a part of an elite group.

Jaysen Greenleaf
Team Lead
Phoenix Asset Management
Salt Lake City Office 



How has the NRBA helped my business succeed?: I went to the North East conference in Massachusetts and the information far exceeded my expectations. The NRBA members not only displayed their excellence, but turned the standard model of playing close to the vest on its head. The future of REO IS shared knowledge and accountability to each other in the business. I am now a proud member of this great organization. Thank you all for a warm welcome!

Michael DelGreco
New England Realty Associates LLC



How has the NRBA helped my business succeed?: Prior to membership I was one man covering a 10 mile stretch of barrier islands. REO was a few BPOs and a rare listing. A year and five conferences later I have two offices covering seven counties. I will be eternally grateful to Nancy Nelson who sponsored and mentored me.

NRBA gave me instant credibility. Bob Shelton's Boot Camp taught me how to build a BPO profit center to cover my office and staff expenses; YES I have a staff. Agents too! Thanks to Bob and Jack O'Leary for taking my calls, to Teresa Gordon for teaching me to assign ownership, and to Mark Pace who covers my market for taking me under his wing. REO has grown into a major income source while retail remains steady, even in a down market, due to the name recognition REO gives me.

Mike's vision of a membership and staff unselfishly sharing has been my reality. Life has taught me the more I give the more I receive, NRBA members demonstrate this every day. I am proud to be a member and to have the support of new friends and associates. I would not be where I am without you. 




Many years ago, when I first met Mike and some of the people from the NRBA, and they told me that they were running BPOs as a profit center I had a few misgivings. Mike convinced me to buy a digital camera, e-mailed me a number of NRBA forms. The net result is that BPO income now covers the cost of my assistants and has in fact become a profit center.

When I started in the REO arena ten years ago, there wasn't a good source of guidance. I had to learn REO on my own and in the course of learning I must have made every mistake possible and stepped on every landmine there was. While I was reading the REO guidelines the thought that came to mind was, "Yup here's a map through the mine field".

If I had had the NRBA book when I was first starting out in REO, I know I would have made at least another hundred grand that I lost through mistakes that I made.

Jack Leary
Hunneman Real Estate



Being an NRBA member has given us the tools, education and support to allow us to elevate our company to a new level! How has the NRBA helped my business succeed?: I joined the NRBA the first year it was founded. Being in Cal. there were no REO so I listened to Mike and the directors and started to increase my BPO work. I was doing about 1800 a year one year later and depended on what I was told and heard at the NRBA convention and the Forum. When the market turned in 2006 I was at the leading edge of the REO onslaught and way ahead of the brokers who had not planned correctly. I went from a one man show to a business with two offices and 25 employees in two years. My 2008 BPO's were in excess of 4,000 and sales exceeded 640 and a total of over $115,000,000. The help and guidance of the NRBA gets full credit for this phenomonal growth. I have obtained one of my Bucket list items which was to be the top producer in my market place. I beat the nearest competitor by over $45,000,000 and set the bar for all to dare.

Thank you NRBA

Got my first NRBA lead within 3 months of joining, Thank you all

Ronald Golansky
Germantown, MD



When I joined NRBA, I had no idea that I would learn so much about the business, and meet so many helpful. I was referred to Bob Shelton by LSI and when I called him the first thing he said after I told him about myself was that I needed to join NRBA. I did and I have not regretted it, nor have I forgotten Bob Shelton. The leadership has been more than helpful to me and so have so many of the brokers. This is one of the best moves I have made in the business.. To all of you thank you.

Harriet Robertson
Joseph T. King
Brooklyn, NY 


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