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Code of Ethics and Guidelines

Ethics Code

  1. NRBA members shall behave in a professional and courteous manner at all times.
  2. NRBA members shall remain properly licensed and insured in their respective locations at all times.
  3. NRBA members shall refrain from charging referral fees to any other NRBA members.
  4. NRBA members shall refrain from any giving of gifts, incentives, or the offering of any inducements valued at over $25.00 to any bank representative, asset manager, or employee of any organization with which that member is doing business or attempting to solicit business from. This includes any issue or item that could be perceived as a "kickback." The payment of openly disclosed referral fees to a client is not prohibited.
  5. NRBA members agree to meet all client deadlines, as noted, with no exceptions.
  6. NRBA members agree to deal openly, fairly, and honestly with all clients and members at all times.
  7. NRBA members agree to maintain an air of professionalism at all times and to make every effort to promote the core values of the organization and the integrity of their fellow NRBA members.
  8. NRBA members agree to abide by all codes, ethics, and bylaws of the NRBA at all times.
  9. NRBA members are strictly prohibited from sharing, republishing in any format, or otherwise disseminating any information provided by the NRBA to its members to anyone other than a fellow NRBA member in good standing. Violation of this rule shall result in immediate termination of membership and possible civil and criminal penalties



  1. Violation of the Code of Ethics is grounds for immediate suspension of membership.
  2. Membership shall be for a minimum 1-year term, subject to re-verification of application and updated references--no exceptions unless terminated for cause by NRBA directors or admin.
  3. Members are free to state their membership affiliation and to use the NRBA trademarks & logo in their marketing materials. All copyright laws apply and this privilege may be rescinded at any time.
  4. Only those members who have been awarded the designation of Certified REO Specialist and Default Management Specialist may use these designations. All copyright laws apply and this privilege may be rescinded at any time.
  5. Membership dues shall be for a minmum initial one-year period and will continue recurring membership charges and dues which may change from time to time, in amount stated by NRBA directors /admin and can be paid either monthly or annually until cancellation by a member with a 30 day written notice to : . If a member is terminated for cause by a board member then they will be immediately suspended without notice and agree to such. At this time all future billing will cease and member will be notified. 
  6. Members are required to cooperate with one another in the pursuit and promotion of business opportunities, and the open sharing of information between members is encouraged at all times.
  7. Any and all information provided to members by the NRBA shall remain the exclusive property of the NRBA and is deemed by respective copyright laws to be such.
  8. NRBA members are encouraged to participate in all events, seminars and other organizations intended to enhance the individuals education, skills, and business prospects.
  9. Senior NRBA members deemed to be in a competing geographic location of any new applicant shall be contacted, and have the right to have their input considered in the admission decision of all new applicants.
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