The most elite group of Real Estate Professionals

Your New Family - We Have Your Back

The NRBA has been described as many things since its inception, now with many of us knowing each other for over 20 years, what we really have become is a family.

Here at the NRBA we share information, tools, knowledge, client introductions, and other resources to help each other succeed. But it is so much more than that.

It is our members willingness to share and cooperate with one another that truly distinguishes the NRBA.

With all our experience being combined, our members are always there for one another. If you have problem share it and someone else will likely have an answer for you.

Have questions about a particular client? Just ask and one of the other NRBA members already working with them will help you.

Need to get in with a client? The best way has always been a recommendation from someone already working with them. Just ask one of your fellow members.

The NRBA has the best tools, client lists, information, and relationships in the REO industry.

But the greatest value is in the members themselves. Their wiliness to share and help one another is what truly makes this organization special.

Being a part of the NRBA means you are never alone and there is always someone willing to help you and your business succeed.