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NRBA Rush September 2023

This was a series of ten fast-paced, non-stop, fact-filled sessions hosted by the National REO Brokers Association (NRBA) at the Five Star Conference. This was a unique opportunity to learn from some of the country's top REO experts who will share their real-world experiences and secrets to running high-volume and profitable REO operations.


Fill out the form below to get the PDFs of all 10 sessions from NRBA Rush September 2023, and a bonus session presentation by Mike Krein:

P.S. – If you think this information is great – you should see what we teach privately during our NRBA “Members Only” Conferences and weekly Webinars. 


Current REO Trends - Headaches and Aspirins - Mike Krein

Essential 3D Virtual Tours and Floor Plans for Real Estate Listings - Roy Barnhart 

Business Credit 101 - Unlocking EIN-Based Credit Without Personal Checks - Heith Mohler 

Mastering Drone Technology for REO Brokers - Caroline Gim

Streamlining REO Sales Through Realtor Education - "The Portals"- Caroline Gim 

Elevating Renovation Skills for the Modern REO Market - Cliff Ponte 

Essential Tech Tools for the Modern REO Broker - Christopher Nelson 

Master Social Media Marketing in Real Estate - Shay Ernisse and Sarah Lin 

A Day in the Life of an REO Agent - Bubba Mills 

Unlocking Opportunities in the Latino Real Estate Market - Henry Vega 

Organization: The Secret of High-Volume REO Agents - Kimberlee McClellan

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