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Mike Olszewski

Mike OlszewskiMy Vision: Our industry is in constant flux, it is evolving and will continue to do so with the changes that take place in our market. With this, the real estate practitioners will have to adapt to both client needs and marketplace trends and demands. It is exciting to be part of the change that is currently taking place. We now have to learn and develop new ways to meet our clients’ needs in our quest to improve efficiency and yield higher returns in a timely manner.

My Philosophy: Life is so wonderful but so very short. This has become evident to me the older that I get. I do not possess the intellectual capability to understand the meaning of life nor why things happen for the reasons that they do. I have learned that one needs to be strong and positive under all circumstances. Appreciate what you have, enjoy it and say to yourself, “I am so very fortunate, this is great”. Treat people with fairness, respect and dignity. Strive for what you want to accomplish, never ever give up, hard work breeds success. Everyone can be successful. Anything is possible; shoot for the Moon the worst can happen is that you will land on a star.

My Background: I was born in the Chicagoland area. A graduate of Loyola University of Chicago, BA. I was a three time Golden Gloves and CYO boxing finalist with a record 68-8. I played professional minor league hockey from 82-86. I held elected office from 1996-2004 as a township trustee and clerk and was president of the Cook County Clerks Association. One of my community programs saved an individual’s life. I would have the Cook County Wells on Wheels bus come to my township and perform free medical exams for seniors and lower income individuals. During an examination of a senior citizen of the township an abdominal aneurism was detected, this individual was immediately rushed to surgery and if that aneurism would have ruptured the result would have been fatal. Married 19 years to an exceptional woman and we have three awesome children, Morgan (16), Michael (14) and Madison (11), two dogs Mac (Great hunting dog) and Stanley and a cat Doc.

My Experience: I have been licensed as a Realtor since 1987. I have worked and have experience in property management, appraisal, property preservation and rehab of both residential and commercial real estate. In 1997 my real estate career focused solely on the REO market. I have two offices with 23 employees in Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To date, I have sold more than 12,000 REO properties and grossing over 1 Billion in sales. I have started a commercial REO division and in the process of opening in South Florida.

Professional and Community Involvement: I am a Member of REOMAC. In the community I support local police and sheriff organizations and their youth programs, local school programs, Cancer Federation, Wildlife Hospital in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, Florida Keys Turtle Hospital, coral reef preservation of the Florida Keys and the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida.

My Hobbies and Interests: My family first and foremost and my children’s sports, plays and school functions are the top of my list. When I first started in the business my oldest was a new born. It’s been such an experience to see our children grow and turn into actual people. I have awesome, talented, interesting close friends that I enjoy spending time with. I enjoy the ocean and lake, water sports, fishing and hunting. I am currently training for a sport that I have not competed in for 25 years, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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