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Michael Krein – President of National REO Brokers Association

Michael Krein - now retired, was one of the most successful real estate brokers in the industry.

The largest REO broker in the country for years, personally listing and selling over 25,000 SFR during his own career, he has handled as many as 3600 SFR in a single year with a team of only fourteen.

He has owned and managed multiple real estate offices; both independent and franchised, including owning regions for national franchises.

He typically carried over 400+ of his own agents (not counting his franchisees) with average per agent production (PPA) of 14.7 units per year per agent, far surpassing industry norms.

Michael Krein is also the President of the National REO Brokers Association (NRBA) since its inception. Members of the National REO Brokers Association specialize in the management, maintenance, and sale of bank & government-owned properties (REO), and other distressed real estate types with most members averaging over 100+ transactions per year from his leadership and training. Real estate professionals wishing to join may apply at:

Krein is also a well-known speaker and author on real estate brokerage operations and is considered the top expert in the country on REO and default real estate services.

Upon retirement, he began free web-based training for real estate brokers and agents at Free Broker School. Their motto is Everything you need to know but no one else will ever teach you. is a phenomenal resource for brokers and agents to improve their skills and income, with many offices now utilizing his free videos for their own training programs.

Brokers are permitted and encouraged to use his material and videos to train their own agents at no cost.

Michael Krein is currently the CEO of RIO Software Solutions, provider of RIO Genesis Real Estate Software. Krein's success in the real estate industry led to the creation of RIO Genesis; whereby his systems were incorporated into a user-friendly software system for managing of all aspects of real estate brokerage operations while also providing a comprehensive suite of agent tools.

While running my own operations we needed to use over a dozen different software products to manage the business. This was costly, cumbersome, and inefficient. RIO Genesis came about from the need to build a single system that incorporated all features and functions from all other real estate products into one integrated system. Everything brokers and agents needed in one place. - One product to own only one system to learn for all staff.


RIO Software Solutions has additional product lines, including real estate management platforms for other segments of the real estate industry, such as Asset Management, Property Preservation, NPL Sales, as well as custom solutions for its clients.


Krein has always been a strong advocate of community outreach and homeownership creation and has won several awards for his work with first-time homebuyers and helping to stabilize neighborhoods. He is also a strong supporter of creating homeownership for minorities and has taught and spoken for many diversity-based real estate organizations, Including AREAA, NAREB, NAHREP, and others. He has also spoken for many national organizations and private companies on these and other real estate related topics. It should be noted that he never charges to speak at these events as he believes knowledge should be free and shared for the benefit of all.


Mikes latest passion project is all about creating homeownership opportunities with . HouseKarma specializes in working with first-time homebuyers and specifically identifying homes that are under first-look programs, along with arranging discounts on the fees and costs associated with buying a home to help cash-strapped buyers obtain a home of their own.  



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