NRBA Member: Chad Murdock
Member ID: 20-ID-47505

Contact Information

Keller Williams Realty East Idaho
165 N Holmes
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Bonneville|Jefferson COUNTY

Office: 208-538-2112
Cell: 208-604-1212

More Information

I became licensed in 2001, started REO in 2003, joined NRBA in 2004 and became an Associate Broker in 2013.  I have owned my own brokerage and am currently running my team with Keller Williams Realty East Idaho.  My team is the Murdock Manwaring Company.  
I was born and raised in the area and know how to get to all your REO needs locally and rurally. 
I have served on the local board of directors for the Greater Idaho Falls Association of Realtors.  I am currently serving as President of our association.  

I am very involved in our community and serve on local committees within our region on housing and transportation, in an effort to help the underserved.    

We are very service oriented and are able to help you with BPO or REO needs in our entire SE Idaho region.  Even the difficult unincorporated areas without an MLS.  

We have the ability to get occupancy checks, bids and inspections quickly.   Our professional photography, video and incredible marketing are also second to none!  Our listings will look like a retail listing unless the asset manager tells us otherwise.     

How can we help you!?  Call me at 208-604-1212.   

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