NRBA Member: Heith Mohler
Member ID: 12-FL-42440

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Property Marketers, LLC
310 Cheney Hwy
Titusville, FL 32780

Brevard COUNTY

Office: 321-607-6836
Cell: 330-958-0725

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 We're a full service reo brokerage specializing in complete asset liquidation from beginning to end . What makes us different is our philosophy of providing real estate solutions for real people . This basically means that there is more to a transaction than a computer and somene on the other end of an email . We work dilligently on a personal basis with our clients and asset managers to find the best solution to quickly solve complex real estate issues we face in today's ever changing market . We use our combined experience , our technology but most of all our team uses the best resource we have which is old fashioned customer service ..Please feel free to contact us to discuss all the options we offer and let us show you how a hands on approach is different and effective in solving all of your asset management needs ..    

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