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Oak Leaf Properties of NC
175 E Peacock Ave
Denton, NC 27239

Davidson|Randolph COUNTY

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I've always wanted to be an homeowner, in fact this was the last thing on my list to accomplish in life. It took longer than expected, as I was trying to get all of my ducks in a row. It wasn't until after we brought some acreage of land that we began looking deeper into the home buying process. My boyfriend and I decided that we would make our land suitable for living in an RV full time. After about 2 years living in our RV and preparing the land for building; we'd noticed this cute little bungalow was being renovated. With no intentions on buying the home and every intention on building on our land, I politely asked one of the contractors when the property will be for rent? I found out that it was going up for sale. That is when I decided that I really wanted that home. Being that it was adjacent to our property, I HAD to have it. I researched the owner of the house and found that it was Fannie Mae. From the moment of me speaking to a representative from Fannie Mae to the moment we bought the house, the process with FM was very smooth & easy. Janet Petrozelle/Oak Leaf Properties of NC was the realtor that represented Fannie Mae and she was helpful and informative through and through. Our realtor Johnny Petrozelle/Oak Leaf Properties of NC was super supportive and helpful in our journey as well. The portion of the process that we like the best is the Homepath website. It allowed us to see the different stages of our home once it was under contract. We were always in the know just from the website alone. The Homepath website also had first time home buyers training courses that were truly helpful for me. The house itself was fully renovated from top to bottom (I know, I saw the progress month over month). We are happy that we didn't have to buy a home that we needed to rennovate or repair. We were happy with the price and we're thankful to now have a cute little bungalow to call home! -- Joy Jackson BA/MBA/LSSGB 1255 W Wall St Wadesboro NC

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