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Premier Property Services
Premier Property Services
Detroit, MI 48243


Office: (313) 822-9000
Fax:(866) 567-4363
Cell: (313) 806-1303

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Premier Property Services is split into six divisions, specializing in Brokerage, Asset Management, Security, City Code Compliance, On-Site Property Management and Property Maintenance. The skills of each division combine to offer our clients a fresh and innovative approach to property services.

Premier Property Services is an industry leader in property services. We provide owners and investors around the world with industry leading, end-to-end property solutions comprised of brokerage, asset management, property management, property maintenance, property security, integrated property and facilities management,investment management,valuation, municipality code compliance and project management. In addition, our award winning research and consulting services provide our clients with global and local market knowledge, forecasting and trend analysis to make the best long-term decisions for their continuous success. Premier Property Services has assembled a network of nearly 1,000 distinguished real estate professionals and servicers across the United States. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your investment portfolio.

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