Beetle Boy



At first glance, Michael appears to be a normal 6-year-old. Weighing in at 40 pounds and standing just under 4 feet tall, Michael's disguise is perfect -- he's even missing one of his bottom teeth. But Michael is far from your average first-grader.

During a typical afternoon at his elementary school playground, Michael came into contact with an unusually large beetle. With one touch of its feelers, the beetle unleashed Michael's alter ego -- "Beetle Boy."

Days later, Beetle Boy, called into action by local news reports, donned his yellow and red costume equipped with a shell, mask, boots, gloves and antennas and set out to stop a dastardly villain and bring safety and peace back to Pittsburgh. The half-pint hero in a hard shell mustered all of his superpowers to rescue a damsel in distress at the Pittsburgh Zoo, save the Pitt Panther mascot from certain doom, and restore the city's water supply.

Beetle Boy can now rest knowing that he saved the day.

Beetle Boy finally captured the evil perpetrator outside of the courthouse as his nemesis prepared to destroy the building. Hundreds cheered as the Mayor of Pittsburgh presented Pittsburgh's favorite superhero with a key to the city and declared the day "Beetle Boy Day."

The residents of Pittsburgh now rest easy, knowing that their city is protected by a very special 6-year-old crime fighter.  
Sincere appreciation to everyone at the National REO Brokers Assocation for being superheroes to the children and familes.   More stories (coming soon)